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Feed Acidifier

Zecid is a powerful acid premix to help decrease the risks of pathogen contamination and multiplication in feed, once ingested. Zecid quickly helps to decrease the ph in the stomach extending the time of exposure of pathogens to an unfavourable acidic environment. This helps to eliminate a higher amount of bacteria, decreasing the transient passage to the intestines. Also the breakdown of fats, proteins and carbohydrates is better, increasing their utilization. This helps to enhance growth, increase weight gain, lower FCR and thus improve the production parameters.

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feed additives for poultry company in India


  • Helps the digestion in young animals as they are not capable of synthesizing sufficient stomach /gizzard acids.
  • Helps to regulate the passage rate of digesta through the digestive tract.
  • Shortens the time of acid production in the stomach, helping to decrease the PH quickly.
  • Enhances activity of proteolytic enzymes hence improves protein disestibility.

Usage & Recommendation:

Poultry and Swine: Administer through the feed at a rate of 1–2 kg per ton of feed or as per the recommendation of nutritionist or consultant.


25 kg craft bags