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Toxin binder

Toxigard contains a physically activated diatomaceous earth with high redox capacity. The highly porous layered material with high surface area (12-15 m2/g) has affinity to bind water and excess humidity. Toxins dissolve in humidity while mixing and pelleting. During this process the diatomaceous earth absorbs and traps excess humidity and the toxins dissolve in it and inactivates them irreversibly. The destructive action is due to its high redox capacity, which breaks the double bonds and the aromatic rings of mycotoxins. Because of its capacity to bind and move humidity, Toxigard also acts as an anti-caking agent.

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  • Ca and Na exchange for improved binding.
  • Termic activation
  • Superior layered clays with surface area (12 – 15 m2/gm)
  • Breaks the double bond and aromatic rings of mycotoxins due to its high redox capacity.
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Usage & Recommendation:

All species: Mix homogeneously with the feed raw material before pelleting process at a rate of 1–3 kg per ton feed, depending on the contamination level.

Or as per recommendation of nutritionist or consultant.


25 kg Bags