feed additives poultry manufacturer in India

Orego Plus

Growth Promotion

OregoPlus is a rich combination of essential oils designed non-antibiotic growth enhancer. Rich combination of essential oils are cost effective due to low inclusion rates. OregoPlus is ideal to be used throughout as a growth enhancer, or during high risk periods, where it offers its powerful antioxidant activity.

best feed additive premixes for poultry company
best feed additives poultry manufacturer in India


  • Increased intake, performance parameters and growth
  • Higher feed efficiency
  • Powerful anti-oxidant activity
  • Support in case of digestive disorders
  • Cost-effective, profitable solution to growth enhancement
  • Alternative or support to conventional treatments

Usage & Recommendation:

Poultry: Administer through the drinking water at a rate of 100-200 ml per ton of water.


250 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre and 2 litre bottles