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Liquid Cocktail of Essential Oils
XAROMA is a technological innovation from U.K. It is a natural solution in respiratory system support.

XAROMA is a nature’s way for optimum respiratory health of birds to prevent and ameliorate respiratory symptoms in CRD, Coryza, Influenza, IB, airsacculitis, etc. The essential oil of eucalyptus is considered as the most powerful antiseptic exerting a strong wide spectrum anti-microbial activity.

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  • Provides the excellent support in respiratory distress and breathing problems
  • Has strong bactericidal, virucidal and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Acts as natural decongestant that helps to eliminate mucus accumulation and hence soothes the respiratory tract & improves oxygen intake
  • Supports heat regulation, has antioxidant properties & immunostimulatory action (Awaad et al 2010; Barbour et al, 2008)

Usage & Recommendation:


  • Via drinking water: 1 ml/5 litre of drinking water twice daily for 3-5 days orally
  • Via spraying method:
    • 0-3 weeks age: To add 10 ml of Xaroma in 400 ml water for 1000 birds
    • >3 weeks age: To add 20 ml of Xaroma in 400 ml water for 1000 birds

Or as per recommendation of Veterinarian.


  • 500 ml and 1 Ltr bottle