best feed additives poultry manufacturer in India

Zinc Bacitracin 10%

Antimicrobial Performance Enhancer
Mac-Gard ZB 10 contains zinc bacitracin which is a polypeptide antibiotic produced by Bacillus subtilis and protects birds from necrotic enteritis.

Bacitracin forms a complex with bacterial cell wall component which is required for the transfer of polysaccharides, peptidoglycans and lipopolysaccharides to the growing cell wall. Consequently bacterial cell wall formation is inhibited.

  • Helps lowering intestinal counts of Clostridium Spp
  • Promotes healthy gut flora and higher nutrient absorption
  • Increases weight gain & improves feed efficiency in laying hens
  • Compatible with most feed additives, vitamins & minerals

Contraindication: Do not use simultaneously with other antimicrobial performance enhancers.

Safety: Well tolerated. Ideal for pellet feed.

Withdrawal Period: Not absorbed from the intestinal tract, thus no withdrawal period is needed.

Shield against Necrotic Enteritis
best feed additives poultry manufacturer in India
Usage & Recommendation:

Should be mixed uniformly throughout the feed. Must be mixed with other ingredients before administering in the final feed.


  • Performance enhancement: 250-500 grams per ton of feed
  • Prevention of necrotic enteritis: 500 grams per ton of feed
  • Treatment of necrotic enteritis: 1 – 1.5 kg per ton of feed

Pack: 25 Kg