Nutritional Emulsifier

Liptivo® Select is a water soluble nutritional emulsifier that acts in synergy with the natural bile salts. It is a path breaking emulsifier with highly concentrated LPC and PEGR.

Two-way actions of emulsification and nutrient absorption – PEGR is a water soluble emulsifier that acts in synergy with the lysophospholipids and natural bile salts in the gut. The combination not only enhances the absorption of fat/oil but also that of fat soluble vitamins and other nutrients.

Liptivo® Select improves nutrient metabolism. Pasty vent, a common problem in broiler chicks, can effectively be prevented by Liptivo® Select with improved fat digestion.

Liptivo® Select is having a sound matrix in feed cost savings. It can ensure an additional release of 30-35 KCal ME/ Kg of feeds or in other words 2.5-3 Kg oil reduction per ton of feeds practically nullifying the input cost!


  • Emulsifier with higher HLB value- improves emulsification efficiency & thereby ensures emulsification of all fat types.
  • Maximizes energy from dietary fat.
  • Reduces feed cost through proper nutrient utilization.
  • Helps extract nutritional value from rations.

Usage & Recommendation:

Should be mixed uniformly throughout the feed.

  • Poultry/Swine: 250 gm/ton of feed or as per total ether extract percentage of feed & as per recommendation of nutritionist or consultant.

Or as per recommendation of nutritionist or consultant


  • 25 Kg Bag