best feed additive premixes for poultry manufacturer

Nicarbazin 8% & Maduramicin 0.75%

feed additives in poultry in India

Nicarbazin 16% & Maduramicin 1.5%

Broad-Spectrum Anticoccidial
Glavitro combines the chemical Nicarbazin and the ionophore Maduramicin and exerts synergistic action for better coccidiosis control

Glavitro has coccidiocidal activity mainly against 1st generation schizonts, marked inhibitory activity against 2nd generation schizonts and moderate action on sexual stages with antibiotic action against gram positive bacteria like C. perfringens.

  • Superior coccidiosis control due to synergy between active ingredients
  • Suits well for shuttle and rotation programme with other anticoccidials
  • Helps protect birds from enteritis and proliferation of the secondary pathogens like C. perfringens
  • Helps to improve growth, performance & liveability

Contraindication: Do not mix with other coccidiostats. Do not feed to horses & other equines.

Safety: Well tolerated. Ideal for pellet feed.

Withdrawal Period: None under correct administration of the product.

feed additives in poultry nutrition
Usage & Recommendation:

Should be mixed uniformly throughout the feed. Must be mixed with other ingredients before administering in the final feed.


  • Glavitro: 500 grams per ton of feed
  • Glavitro DS: 250 grams per ton of feed

Or as per recommendation of nutritionist or consultant.

Pack: 25 Kg