feed additives for poultry company in India
Mycotoxin Binder
GlaviTOX Bio is broad spectrum mycotoxin binder fortified with organic acids.

Superior toxin binder in feed is essential milestone towards optimized poultry performance.

GlaviTOX Bio tightly binds and immobilizes the mycotoxins in the GI tract & reduces the bio-availability and toxicity of multiple mycotoxins. It also exhibits a high degree of antigenicity mainly due to its mannan and glucan components. Glavitox Bio is highly effective against both natural & synthetic toxins and acts as a potent fungicidal reducing the mould growth.

feed additives in poultry nutrition


  • Ensures nullification of mycotoxins from GI tract
  • Proven binding efficacy – in vivo as well as in vitro
  • Larger surface area of adsorption as compared to other conventional toxin binders
  • Augments immuno-modulation in animals
feed additives for poultry company in India

Usage & Recommendation:

  • Poultry: 1-3 kg / ton of feed
  • Cattle/Swine: 1 kg / ton of feed
  • Aqua: 2 kg / ton of feed

Or as per recommendation of nutritionist or consultant


25 Kg Bag