feed additives for poultry company in India
Premium Protein Optimizer
Glavenza XP 240 is a unique thermostable broad-spectrum protease obtained from soil born, non-GMO and GRAS listed organism Bacillus licheniformis which acts effectively throughout the GI tract (acid, neutral and alkaline pH) and hydrolyses the peptide bonds to increase bioavailability of amino acids.

Protein/ amino acids are among the most expensive nutrients to deliver in poultry nutrition. The price of protein sources has increased in recent years and is expected to remain at a high level in the future due to a shortage of protein sources. Due to the limited digestion of protein sources, about 20% dietary protein is excreted with faeces, without any benefit to the animal. To address this issue, supplemental exogenous proteases are proposed to improve utilization of protein.

The protease used in Glavenza XP 240 is best in class in terms of HUT (Haemoglobin Unit Tyrosine base) and as per FCC (Food Chemical Codex) guideline of USFDA. Glavenza XP 240 is manufactured at FAMIQs approved facility ensuring high quality standard and compliance.

The efficacy of the product has been established through research trials.

feed additives in poultry nutrition


  • Complements the endogenous proteases & maximize dietary protein digestibility
  • Breaks complex protein molecules into smaller peptides & amino acids for easy absorption
  • Expands the use of alternative protein sources
  • Reduces nitrogen (N) excretion & optimizes amino acids availability

Usage & Recommendation:

  • Poultry/Swine: 350 gm per ton of feed

Or as per recommendation of nutritionist or consultant


  • 25 Kg HDPE Drum