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Protein Optimizer
Broad-spectrum Proteases

Unique thermostable proteases derived from non genetically modified Bacillus organism which acts effectively throughout the GI tract {acid, neutral & alkaline pH}.

Highly Concentrated in terms of HUT (Haemoglobin Unit Tyrosine Base).

It is the modern/ latest technical way of defining the protease strength & expressing in FCC (Food Chemical Codex) unit. The FCC is published by the National Academy Press and is the accepted standard of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Enriched with Hydrolyzed Protein – supplementing amino acids in pre-digested form, helps reduce the digestive strain and acts as a balancer in amino acid replacement diet.

Thermostability Test of Glavenza PRO at 100°C


  • Complements the endogenous proteases & maximize dietary protein digestibility
  • Breaks complex protein molecules into smaller peptides & amino acids for easy absorption
  • Expands the use of alternative protein sources
  • Optimizes the economics of meat & egg production, boosts profitability

Usage & Recommendation:

  • Poultry: 350 gm/ton of feed

Or as per recommendation of nutritionist or consultant


  • 25 Kg HDPE Drum