feed additives in poultry nutrition
Protein & Digestibility Optimizer
Glavenza DUO is an innovative cocktail enzyme enriched with broad-spectrum protease - a combined mode of action that offers maximum efficacy.

The protease used in Glavenza DUO is highly concentrated in terms of HUT (Haemoglobin Unit Tyrosine base) and as per FCC (Food Chemical Codex) guideline of USFDA. Glavenza DUO is manufactured at FAMIQs approved facility ensuring high quality standard and compliance.

Why it’s an innovation:

In addition to highly concentrated protease Glavenza DUO also contains three times higher concentration of Xylanase & Amylase to address the resistance starch in unlocking the true potential of corn, soya and other ingredients used in feeds. Glavenza DUO contains 7 other NSP enzymes for ensuring highly effective results in compound feeds.

Glavenza DUO is a path breaking combination to optimize feed potential for both broiler and layer feeds. The efficacy of the product has been established through research trials. The product is intrinsically thermostable and can successfully be used in pellet feeds.


  • Increases digestibility of carbohydrate, protein and fat
  • Reduces viscosity of ingesta in the gut
  • Improves complex fibre digestion resulting in release of extra energy
  • Promotes efficient meat and egg production

Usage & Recommendation:

  • Poultry/Swine: 350 gm per ton of feed

Or as per recommendation of nutritionist or consultant


  • 25 Kg HDPE Drum