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Highly concentrated acid premixture with antioxidant
GLAMOCID MBM is a blend of acidifier and antioxidant, specially designed for MBM processing & storage – as a shield against pathogens.

The raw materials used to produce MBM contain various levels of micro-organisms and the rendering process is used to destroy these potentially harmful pathogens. Rendered animal byproducts contain microbes and serve as source of contamination for animal feed. MBM contains fat which is largely in saturated form and can be subject to oxidative rancidity. Glamocid MBM has SCFA, MCFA & antioxidant which synergistically provides wide antibacterial activity with special emphasis on controlling E. Coli, Salmonella & Campylobacter, antifungal activity, prevents rancidification & inactivates free radicals that are already formed and breaks the chain reaction of the already started rancidity process.

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  • Helps to protect the MBM from unwanted micro-organisms
  • Sanitizes MBM and increases shelf-life & storage
  • Decreases the risk of rancidity in MBM, especially with high fat content
  • Helps to maintain the quality of the MBM

Shield For MBM Processing & Storage

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Usage & Recommendation:

Should be mixed uniformly throughout the MBM.

  • For MBM processing & storage: 1 – 3 kg per ton

Or as per recommendation of nutritionist or consultant.

Pack: 25 Kg