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Olaquindox 10%

Anti-microbial Growth Promoter
Glam-Quindox has a pronounced antibacterial activity against Gram-positive and Gram-negative pathogenic bacteria (E. coli, Salmonella spp., Pasteurella spp., Staphylococcus spp., Proteus spp., and others).

Olaquindox supports the dysfunction of DNA gyrase, resulting in broken DNA structure of bacteria, resulting in the death of microbial cells. Olaquindox stimulates motor and secretory-enzymatic function of the gastrointestinal tract, which contributes to a better assimilation of nutrients diet of animals and birds.

  • Prevention & control of gastrointestinal & respiratory infections
  • Rapid absorption & fast action
  • Helps to improve digestibility of feed nutrient absorption
  • Helps to improve growth, performance and liveability

Contraindication: Do not feed to horses & other equines.

Safety: Very well tolerated. Ideal for pellet feed.

Withdrawal Period: Do not feed within 48 hours of slaughter.

cheap feed additives poultry manufacturers in India
Usage & Recommendation:
  • Broiler: 150-200gm per ton of feed (15-20 ppm)
  • Swine: 250 – 500 grams per ton of feed (25 – 50 ppm)
  • Or as per recommendation of veterinarian

Pack: 25 Kg

In-vitro experimental study on standard culture of various poultry pathogens:

Detection of zone of inhibition of test products by Disc Diffusion Test –

cheap feed additives poultry manufacturers in India