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Natural Antidiarrhoeal & Gut Modulator
CYNKA is a novel product based on our novel chemistry platform where the active content of ceylon cinnamon i.e. cinnamaldehyde, is extracted and coated in such a way that it protects the efficacy of the compound from oxidation with sustained release in the gut.

CYNKA contains natural Ceylon cinnamon extract providing cinnamon tannins & cinnamaldehyde, nano zinc essential oil complex & montmorillonite. Cinnamon is one of the phytogenic feed additives (PFAs) and has been approved by USFDA for its enormous beneficial impacts on gut health, nutrient digestibility, blood biochemical profile, gene expression, immunity and it performs antidiarrhoeal, astringent, carminative, antiviral, antifungal, powerful antibacterial activities.

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  • Prevention and control of diarrhoea of specific & non-specific origins
  • Ensures gut integrity with better immunity (GALT) & absorption of nutrients
  • Improves litter quality and foot pad score and reduces ammonia level
  • Helps to improve the zootechnical performances and health of birds
  • Highly supportive against digestive disorders during viral infections

A Novel Innovation For Specific & Non-Specific Diarrhoea

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Usage & Recommendation:

Should be mixed uniformly throughout the feed

  • Poultry: 250 – 500 grams per ton of feed

Or as per recommendation of veterinarian.

Pack: 25 Kg