best feed additives poultry manufacturer in India
Consortium of Feed Probiotics – Aquaculture
ClosBo Aquamac FS is the multi-strain probiotics product specially designed for aquaculture.

In order to ensure antibiotic free aquaculture production as per Global Compliance Norms, probiotics treatment becomes an ideal choice in terms of disease control and prevention. ClosBo Aquamac FS is highly thermostable for extrudate feed. ClosBo Aquamac FS consists of several selected bacterial strains of probiotics to improve performance and production efficiency.

best feed additives poultry company in India
best feed additive premixes for poultry company
best feed additive premixes for poultry company


  • Supports the gut health of fish & shrimp-improves performance and efficacy in production
  • Enhances immune response
  • Improves gut microflora and reduces white gut/white faeces problems
  • Improves the shrimp haemocyte profile

Usage & Recommendation:

  • Fish: 140-200 gm/ton of feed
  • Shrimp: 500-600 gm/ton of feed


  • 25 kg HDPE Drum

Sustainable Solution in Gut Health Integrity.