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4th Generation Mycotoxin Binder
AVATOX is a broad-spectrum mycotoxin binder especially designed to take care of all kind of toxins including masked mycotoxins like DON, T2, Zearalenone, etc.

Masked mycotoxins are very difficult to eliminate since they are under double bonds like epoxy coated. Avatox is having superior Smectite clays of volcanic ash origin like Montmorillonites & tectosilicate like clinoptilolite for maximum adsorption for a wide range of mycotoxins (polar/ non-polar/ masked). MDC in Avatox breaks the determinate structure of masked mycotoxins adsorbed in the net of these phyllosilicates through a chemical process involving hydrolysis or decarboxylation.

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best feed additives poultry company in India


  • Proven efficacy – in vivo as well as in vitro
  • Larger Surface area of adsorption as compared to other conventional mycotoxin binders
  • Unique clays, strongest adsorption capacity- ensures complete nullification of mycotoxins
  • Optimum CEC value of the clays ensures zero trapping of the micronutrients

Broad-Spectrum Mycotoxin Binder

Usage & Recommendation


Mycotoxin Level Mixing Rate
No detection of Mycotoxin or < 12% moisture 0.5kg/Ton of feed
Upto 100 PPB 1 kg/Ton of feed
100 – 500 PPB 2 kg/Ton of feed
> 500 PPB 3 kg/Ton of feed

Cattle & Swine: 1 Kg/Ton of feed
Aqua: 2Kg/Ton of feed

Or as per recommendation of nutritionist or consultant.


25 Kg Bag