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Natural Zeolite-Aquaculture
Specially Activated Granular Zeolite

Ammonia ‘Sinks’ occur within pond aquaculture in the form of plants and algae. Large quantity of organic matter are produced by algae or added to pond as feed. The decomposition of this organic matter like unutilized feed, dead plants & fish, excretion of fish, remain of FYM etc. produces ammonia which diffuses from the sediment into the water column. It also releases other gases like Sulphur dioxide and Hydrogen sulphide. High ammonia is also caused by inadequate or immature biological filtration, over stocking of fish, over feeding of fish & high temperatures.

Zeolite is a naturally occurring deposit (i.e. rock) that has unique structure. Zeolite earth in crude form gives many types of crystals. Only micro crystalline alkali earth metal, aluminium Silicates are known as zeolite. This is because the absorption of gases takes place through the surface area, which is highly porous whilst also allowing for rapid uptake and loosing of charged particles. Zeolite filters ammonia and holds it inside it’s porous structure. Therefore, only micro crystalline form of zeolite having tetraheydral structure with maximum calcium form are useful in aquaculture. This is because calcium ion is easily exchangeable with ammonium ion.

Aquamac Zeolife absorb ammonia through its high ‘Cationic Exchange Capacity’ thus developing a healthy environment in pond for prawns and fishes to grow.


  • Absorbs Ammonia, H2S and other toxic gases from pond
  • Purify the water quality of pond and absorbs the stink rapidly- develops healthy environment for prawns and fish growth
  • Highest CEC value- effective in high range of pH and salinity
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Usage & Recommendation:

  • For pond preparation:
    • 20 kg per acre
  • During Culture:
    • 10 kg/acre every 15 days (1 meter depth)

Or as per recommendation of Aqua Consultant


  • 25 Kg Bag

Reduce ammonia. Creates healthy environment for fish and prawns.