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Diatom Growth Promoter
Diatom Generator- Energy Source for Marine Ecosystem
Blend of Minerals and Micro-Nutrients - Nano-Biotechnology

Diatoms are nature’s live nutrients consisting of Proteins, Lipids, Carbohydrates, DHA, Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty Acids & Amino Acids. Diatoms are the primary food source for the aquatic animal food chain. Depending on the species and culture conditions, benthic diatom contains an average of 32 to 38 % crude protein.

Several researchers confirmed that, feeding shrimp and fish species with protein rich live feeds (Diatoms) will improve the activity of digestive enzymes (Xu et al., 2012), reduce nutrient deficiency (Lara-Anguiano et al., 2013).

Aquamac Dia-Gro improves and rejuvenates beneficial “Diatoms” in all kind of aqua ponds. It generates live fresh feed from pond water, which is rich in diatoms and Oxygen to achieve maximum growth, disease free, health and survival of the shrimp and fish. Aquamac Dia-Gro ensures disease free environment to achieve maximum production.


  • Improves Dissolved Oxygen level
  • Improves growth of diatoms and pond water quality
  • Creates live food for the pond, thereby increasing survivability, improves growth & better weight gain and optimizes FCR
  • Provides critical nutrients for soil microbes
  • Reduces water exchange and excludes pathogens like green algae

Diatom – Generates Live feed in water

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Usage & Recommendation:

  • Soil:
    • 15 to 20 kg per acre during pond preparation. Can be mixed with inorganic fertilizers (Urea, DAP), organic fertilizers (cow dung)
  • Water:
    • 5 kg/acre

Or as per recommendation of Aqua Consultant


Mix Aquamac Dia-Grow in 30-40 liters of water & then broadcast uniformly in the pond


25 Kg Bag