Synergistic Blend of Probiotics and Yucca
A Natural Solution for Pollutants

The dead plankton, faecal material and other decaying matters in the pond produce ammonia, nitrite and nitrate which are toxic in nature. Also the growth of algae and harmful microorganism increase the pollution level and depletes Dissolve Oxygen levels.

Treatment of aquaculture hatchery water with specially formulated products based on careful selection of natural bacteria provides a natural way to eliminate pollution and to create a beneficial microbial environment that inhibits the development of harmful organisms.  Probiotics have a powerful capacity to utilize pollutants such as ammonia, nitrates and nitrites in their normal metabolism.  Additionally, a thriving culture of the right natural bacteria provide a “probiotic” environment which suppresses the growth of harmful organisms.

Glyco fraction is the extracts from Yucca schidigera plant is found to be very effective in binding the free ammonia from surrounding environment. The compound Polyhydroxy stilbene, which performs the urease-inhibiting activity, is rich in the bark of Yucca schidigera. It binds the preformed ammonia and arrest the further production of ammonia effectively by inhibiting the enzyme urease. The use of Yucca schidigera extract in aqua farms has shown the excellent results towards the reduction of the ammonia level, improving the water quality and consequently the farm productivity.

Through these two mechanisms, Aquamac Amigo ensure a healthier aquatic creature is raised with greater vitality and immunity to disease.


  • Accelerates the natural process of organic load/ sludge degradation
  • Supports the gut health of fish & shrimp- improves performance and efficacy in production
  • Reduces Ammonia and H2S, controls emission of noxious odour in pond
  • Inhibits enzyme Urease – blocks the further production of ammonia
  • Promotes the growth of healthy phyto/ zoo plankton
  • Effective in high range of pH and salinity
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Usage & Recommendation:

  • Fish:
    • Prevention: 200 gm/ acre
    • Treatment: 250 gm/ acre of one meter water depth
    • In feed: 1 kg/ one mt of feed
  • Shrimp:
    • Prevention: 500 gm/ acre
    • Treatment: 500- 1 kg/ acre of one meter water depth
    • Feed: 5-10 kg/ one mt of feed

Or as per recommendation of Aqua Consultant


  • 1 Kg & 25 Kg

Keeps the Ammonia away from the pond!