A novel Antidiarrhoeal & Antimicrobial - Gut Health Modulator


CYNKA HBR is a unique specialized preparation with strong antimicrobial action that protects the flock against the development of digestive tract disorders and maintains gut health & overall performance.


CYNKA HBR is an innovation from our R & D platform and was established with a series of research & technical trials.

CYNKA HBR contains Polymeric Silicate, Natural Aldehydes, Natural Polyphenols, Nano Zinc Essential Oil complex and phytogenic herbs.

The gut-acting polymeric silicate enriched with essential oil & innovative herbs collectively has wide-spectrum antimicrobial (including Salmonella, E. coli etc.), antiprotozoal and antifungal properties (Wenk C., 2003).

Natural polyphenols and aldehydes reduce the tone & motility of smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract so that the transit time of the ingested feed gets longer which leads to better digestion and absorption of nutrients and hence also acts as an anti-diarrhoeal.

Scientists found overwhelming evidence that nano zinc essential oil complex acts as a gut-acting anti-inflammatory (Holt et al., 2005) and healing agent to repair gut villi and has proven antidiarrheal properties. Apart from its gastro-protective activities, it also exerts antioxidant (Zhang JF et al., 2015), antiviral, and antimicrobial (Araujo and Leon, 2001), as well as having neuroprotective and immunomodulatory properties (Rajput N. et al., 2013). Nano excellence- the surface area coverage of nano zinc is around 5 lakh (0.5 million) times more than normal zinc oxide.

Phytogenic herbs regulates gastro- intestinal functions, restore normal intestinal peristalsis, arrest diarrhoea and safeguard birds from dehydration.

Alternative of Halquinol

Digestive disorder and loose droppings are the most important challenges in the global poultry sector with high economic losses due to decreased weight gain, increased mortality rates, poor feed conversion ratio and higher medication costs. Wide uses of conventional Halquinol in varied doses resulting in inconsistent performances and the ever-increasing price trend force users to desperately look for an alternative of Halquinol. CYNKA HBR emerges as a superior alternative to Halquinol with its unique composition, broad-spectrum antimicrobial & anti-diarrhoeal effect and ensuring gut health integrity.

Alternative to AGP

The poultry industry is looking for a successful alternative to antibiotic growth promoters due to its potential negative impact on food chain. CYNKA HBR presents itself as a ground-breaking alternative that surpasses the limitations of AGPs while offering superior gut pathogen control- highly effective against gut E. coli, Salmonella and results in significant increase in Lactobacillus count. Let us move towards a new era of antibiotic free chicken & eggs with CYNKA HBR.

Usage & Recommendation of CYNKA HBR

Should be mixed uniformly throughout the feed
Poultry: 150 – 200 gm per ton of feed
Or as per recommendation of nutritionist or consultant.
Pack: 25 Kg

alternatives to antibiotics in poultry feed

Benefits of CYNKA HBR

  • Prevention and control of gastro-intestinal infections
  • Prevention and control of diarrhoea of specific and non-specific origins
  • Ensures gut integrity with better absorption of nutrients
  • Improves egg production in layers, better egg grading
  • Improves growth rate and general health of birds

Technical Data Sheet

CYNKA HBR Vs Halquinol Vs BMD

In-vitro comparative efficacy*

cynka hbr - antibiotics alternative in poultry feed

Highest zone of inhibition for CYNKA HBR

In-vivo comparative efficacy in broiler chicken*

cynka hbr - Gut health modulator

Superior GUT HEALTH Management with better PATHOGEN CONTROL & HIGHER LACTOBACILLUS count compared to BMD & HALQUINOL

*Study conducted at OMEGA LABORATORIES, Maharashtra between 29/08/2022 to 9/10/2022

Performance study of CYNKA HBR as a substitute to antibiotic growth promoter in basal broiler chicken diet**

Poultry health innovation

Increased NUTRIENT DIGESTIBILITY leading to better BODY WT & improved FEED EFFICIENCY compared to BMD & HALQUINOL

*Study conducted at SRI RAMADHOOTHA POULTRY RESEARCH FARM PVT LTD, Telangana between 15/03/2023 to 27/04/2023

alternatives to antibiotics in poultry feed

Cutting age alternative to AGP & Halquinol..

Antidiarrhoeal & Antibacterial

cynka hbr - antibiotics alternative in poultry feed

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