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Dissolved Oxygen Optimizer
Optimum solution for Dissolved Oxygen
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CAA Registration Number – CAA/JAN20/CHEM/03540

Product Information

Dissolved Oxygen management is the most important aspect of aquaculture pond water quality management. Adequate concentration of oxygen in water are vital for intensive fish farming, growth and production. Oxygen dissolves into water from two sources: the atmosphere and phytoplankton. In the presence of sunlight these produce oxygen through photosynthesis & release this oxygen into the pond water. In general most fish species will grow and thrive within a DO range of 5-12 mg/L (PPM).

Dissolved Oxygen concentration are constantly affected by diffusion, aeration, photosynthesis, respiration and decomposition. Oxygen depletion usually occurs in the summer months. Pond’s oxygen demand is greater in warm water than in cold water. As water temperatures rise oxygen levels decrease. Higher temperature also increases the metabolic rate of fish resulting in the need of more oxygen. Excessive plankton growth is also a danger for oxygen depletion. So, it is important to maintain adequate (>5 mg/L) Dissolved Oxygen level in pond with the help of oxygen optimizer.

AQUAMAC GLAMOXY contains Sodium Carbonate Peroxyhydrate which is an addition compound of sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide and optimizes Dissolved Oxygen in presence of water. Hydrogen Peroxide is ultimately broken down in to ‘water’ and ‘oxygen’ whereas sodium carbonate disassociates in to ‘sodium’ & ‘carbonate’ in water and the carbonate ions consequently react with water forming bicarbonates and hydroxide until equilibrium is achieved, making the pond environment healthy for aquatic life.


  • Releases optimum quantity of Dissolve Oxygen instantly into the water when applied
  • Ensures steady supply of Dissolved Oxygen
  • Reduces stress due to fluctuating oxygen levels
  • Reaches pond bottom quickly to make pond bottom & pond water aerobic
  • Prevents fish & prawn from floating head usually caused by oxygen lack
  • Improves water quality, absorbs and degrades organics in water

Usage & Recommendation

For Regular application: 1-2 kg/acre of pond water
In case of Oxygen lack: 2-3 kg/acre of pond water
During transportation: 3 gm per cubic meter of water

Or as per recommendation of Aqua Consultant


Sprinkle AQUAMAC GLAMOXY granules directly into the pond

Storage & Handling

Do not dilute in water before spreading.

Do not allow contact with water before application. Use appropriate eye & skin protection. Store in a dry location away from heat & out of direct sunlight. Optimum temperature for storage is 40°c or below.
Pack: 1 kg

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