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Multi-Strain Probiotics - Aquaculture
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CAA Registration Number – CAA/JAN20/PRO/03538

Product Information

The use of probiotics as a means of reducing disease in Aquaculture is widely accepted on the principal of competitive exclusion of potentially pathogenic microorganisms, digestion enhancement by participating in digestion process, providing necessary growth factors, immune response enhancement through modulating non-specific immune responses, water quality improvement by enhancing the domination of heterotrophic bacteria and antiviral effects through the production of antagonistic compounds (Balcazar et.al., 2006, Vine et. al., 2006). There are increasing reports of research works on the application of probiotics in Aquaculture (Hai et.al., 2009, Zhou et.al., 2009). Considering the demand for more disease-free, environment-friendly and sustainable Aquaculture practice usage of multi-strain probiotic has been widely accepted and established as a successful alternative against the abuse of antimicrobials drugs, pesticides and disinfectants.

Aquamac CLOSBO SW is an eco-friendly multi-strain probiotics solution in optimizing soil & water hygiene for intensive shrimp, prawn & fish farming.


  • Accelerates the natural process of organic load/ sludge degradation
  • Suppresses the growth of undesirable microbes, molds & fungus. Reduces disease incidence & mortality rate
  • Supports the gut health of fish & shrimp –improves performance and efficacy in production
  • Promotes the growth of healthy phyto/zoo plankton
  • Maximizes the economic return by supporting liveability & productivity
  • Effective in high range of pH & salinity

Usage & Recommendation

For use in Aquaculture pond:

Fish: 200-250 gm/ acre of one meter depth once in every 15 days
Shrimp: 500 gm-1 Kg/acre of one meter depth once in every 15 days

Dose varies depending upon the sensibility of the species and stocking density of shrimp

For use in Aqua feed:

Fish: 250-500 gm/ton of feed, Shrimp: 3-5 gm/Kg of feed
Feed application is for regular use and /or on need basis.

For Shrimp & Fish Hatcheries: 30 to 50 gm per 1000 liter of water

Or as per recommendation of Aqua Consultant


Pond: For better result CLOSBO SW should be mixed with 5 liters of water and soaked for 30 minutes before application. Should be applied uniformly throughout the pond.
-Application schedule for shrimp: For better result 1-7 days before stocking and every 10 days after stocking.

Feed: Should be mixed thoroughly into the feed to make a premix and then this premix is remixed with the final feed.

Storage & Handling

Do not freeze. Store in a cool & dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Pack: 1 kg

Sustainable solution for aquatic health management