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A Trusted Sanitizer
A Powerful Biocide and Deodorant

CAA Registration Number – CAA/JAN20/DIS/03536

Product Information

Biosecurity is of paramount importance in aquaculture operation. Pathogen free water source is essential for success in aquaculture. Sanitization of water for aquaculture is critical for preventing the introduction and spread of infectious diseases. Where the indiscriminate use of antibiotics for controlling bacterial diseases can only lead to the development of antibiotic resistance, sanitizers are the successful alternative to antibiotics.

AQUAMAC BENIZO 80, a quaternary ammonium compound is a cationic biocide used as “topical sanitizer” to remove ectoparasites from fish & shrimp. It has detergent & antibacterial activities and is effective to prevent & control bacterial, protozoan and monogenean infections.


  • Prevents bacterial, fungal, protozoan & parasitic diseases in aquaculture
  • Increases cultivation density and harvest
  • Stimulates moulting activity in shrimps
  • Prevents surface ulcers, wounds & lesions in aquaculture
  • Can be used concurrently with specific antibiotic
  • Ensures better pond water quality – prevents water pollution, deodorizes & purifies water

Usage & Recommendation

  • Shrimp: 400 ml to 600 ml/ acre / meter water depth
  • Prawns: 500 ml to 1 Litre / acre / meter water depth
  • Fish: 1 Litre to 1.5 Litre/ acre / meter water depth

Apply AQUAMAC BENIZO 80 once in every 7–10 days or 2–3 days according to water quality

Red Disease in Shrimp hatcheries: A day’s bath in 1–2 ppm solution

Or as per recommendation of Aqua Consultant


Dilute and mix required quantity of AQUAMAC BENIZO 80 in water outside the pond and then apply uniformly throughout the pond in day time. Turn on all the paddle wheel aerators for uniform distribution.

Storage & Handling

Should not be used along with any other chemical. Avoid direct contact with eyes, skin and clothing.
Flush immediately with clean water if contacted. Store in room temperature.

Pack: 1 Litre & 5 Litre

The Right Choice for Healthy Aquaculture