poultry feed additives company in India
poultry feed additives company in India
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CAA Registration Number – CAA/JAN20/FA/03534

Product Information

White faeces Disease (WFD) becomes apparent when the digestive system of the shrimp malfunctions and the faeces turns from the normal brownish colour to pale white. The hepatopancrease becomes whitish and soft. The white faeces appear to be more buoyant than normal faeces and float on the water surface. Infected shrimp show a loose exoskeleton and are also infested by epibiotic protozoa that cause a dark discoloration of the gills.

Shrimp infected by WFD exhibit marked reduction in feed intake and severe infection of WFD may result in up to 60 % mortality.

The microvilli of WFD shrimp peeled away from Hepatopancrease (HP) tubule epithelial cells and then aggregated in the tubule lumen called as Aggregated Transformed Microvilli (ATM). Increase in the prevalence of ATM has been coincidental with the increase in early mortality syndrome (EMS) or acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND) outbreaks.

AQUAMAC WF combat the infection of white gut Entorocytozoom Hepatopenaei (EHP),  AHPND and ensure the disease-free environment to achieve maximum production.


  • Wide antibacterial and antiparasitic action on Vibrio Spp., Aeromonas Spp. and Microsporida Spp. etc
  • Rejuvenates the damaged epithelium of hepatopancreas and restores the normal functions
  • Herbal extracts enhance liver functions, Vitamin C & Beta Glucanase boosts the immune response
  • Restores the digestive system through enzymes
  • Controls white feaces and prevents the running mortality syndrome

Usage & Recommendation

  • Shrimp:
    • 5-10 g/kg of feed

For better results

  • Reduce 20 % feed for 1 week
  • Apply 1 kg of CLOSBO SW & 5 kg of DIA-GROW per acre of pond of one meter water depth between 6-7 P.M. with sufficient carbon source and aeration once in every 10 days
  • Administer AQUAMAC WF @10 gm/kg of feed in 2 meals and 2 meals of AQUAMAC WF @10 gm/kg of feed mixed with GLAVIMIN @10 gm/kg of feed
  • Continue control management with AQUAMAC WF for 10 days. Follow tight feeding after control management. Protect against Aflatoxin B1 contamination of shrimp feed.

Dose varies depending on the sensibility of the species and stocking density of shrimp

Or as per recommendation of Aqua Consultant


Should be mixed thoroughly into the shrimp feed to make a premix & then this premix is remixed with the final feed.

Storage & Handling

Do not freeze. Store in a cool & dry place. Avoid direct sunlight.

Pack: 1 kg

Keep the white feaces disease away from shrimp!