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Mineral Supplement - Aquaculture
Performance Trace Minerals for Aquaculture

CAA Registration Number – CAA/JAN20/FA/03544

Product Information

Aquaculture has developed extensively in high stocking density with increased production level. In the pond natural food resources are unable to provide the required nutrition to shrimp & fish under commercialization culture practice.

Research shows that optimal trace mineral nutrition plays an important role to improve aquaculture production. Fish, Shrimp and other aquatic species require trace minerals for basic metabolic functions, growth & development, immunity & reproduction.

Aquamac GLAVIMIN SELECT is a balanced mineral supplement with essential amino acids for optimum performance.
Aquamac GLAVIMIN SELECT is easily absorbed directly by shrimp and fish from the water across gills and other membranes.


  • Improves digestion and absorption to ensure growth & performance
  • Helps to develop immune response and defence mechanism
  • Helps in osmoregulation and strengthen musculoskeletal system
  • Improves hormonal & enzymatic activities in shrimp & fish
  • Provides essential amino acids to help in protein synthesis
  • Enriches pond water by developing plankton

Usage & Recommendation

For Aquaculture Ponds:

For pond preparation: 8-12 kg or more per acre
During culture: 5-10 kg per acre once in every 7-15 days (1 meter depth)
For use in Aqua feed: 5-10 kg per ton of feed for regular usage

Dose varies depending upon the sensibility of the species and stocking density of shrimp

Or as per recommendation of Aqua Consultant


  • Should be mixed throughly into the feed to make a premix & then this premix is remixed with the final feed.
  • Should be applied uniformly throughout the pond. The usage requirement varies in pond preparation &
    during culture.

Storage & Handling

Store in a cool and dry place. Use in a well ventilated area. Prevent spillages.

Pack: 10 kg HDPE Bag

Optimizes nutrients balance