Mycotoxin Prevention and Digestant
GlaviTOX Liquid is an innovative liquid digestant & anti-stress formula for mycotoxin control and revitalization. The unique combination of nutrients and toxin neutralization molecules counteract the negative impact of mycotoxins and stress on performance.
  • To nullify adverse effects of endo & exotoxins
  • To keep liver clear, healthy and active for better metabolic activity
  • Increases immunity and reduces stress on liver
  • Helps to increase renal function
  • Provides a wide range of readily bioavailable nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, probiotics and growth stimulants)
  • Improves laying performance and growth
Mycotoxin prevention & Revitalization tonic
Usage & Recommendation:
  • Poultry: 1 – 2 ml per litre of drinking water for 5 to 7 days

Or as per recommendation of veterinarian.

Pack:500 Ml & 1 Litre