Protease enzymes and its role in poultry | Glamac

Protease enzymes and its role in poultry | Glamac

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Protein is the most vital nutritional component for the formation of the building blocks of the body. In poultry nutrition, most attention is given to protein due to the importance of protein as a major constituent of the biologically active compounds in the body. A recommended dose of dai-ly protein aids in renovation and growth of the body, improved gut development and immunity of the birds. However, due to the limited digestion of protein sources and the rising cost of the poultry feed ingredients; researchers have come up with exogenous enzymes to aid in faster di-gestion and absorption of protein in poultry and reduce the impact of environmental pollution.

The protease enzyme is scientifically formulated to aid in the breakdown of protein in poultry. Though poultry produces natural enzymes, are not capable of breaking down the complex protein sources completely leading to poor digestion, nutrient absorption, and high nitrogen droppings. Such concerns have prompted the need for an external protease; a dietary feed enzyme to aid the smooth breakdown of protein in poultry into smaller polypeptides or single amino acids.

To put simply, protease when added to a normal poultry protein diet, helps boost the dietary pro-tein hydrolysis thus aiding in the proper absorption of nitrogen and lowering nitrogen traces in the excreta.

The use of protease in poultry feed has a significant economic impact on the farm owners and environment. Such as:

• Feeding exogenous protease enzyme help improve digestion of protein allowing produc-ers to decrease the use of expensive ingredients when necessary. They also allow for the incorporation of a wider variety of more cost-effective ingredients without affecting per-formance which is advantageous for the farm owners in reducing the operation and main-tenance costs.
• Enhance protein digestion. The addition of a protease to a feed can result in improved amino acid digestibility across various protein sources.
• Reduction in feeding costs
• Improved production efficiency and better litter quality
• Enhanced profitability

What is protease enzyme?

Protease is a natural enzyme formed in the gastrointestinal tract of the broiler that mainly aids in the digestion of protein. However, this naturally formed enzyme is not so potent in breaking down complex protein compounds that result in poor nutrient absorption and high nitrogen con-tent excreta. All these demerits have eventually led to more complexities in poultry farming like lower production rates, high feeding costs, and aimless experimenting with the diet.

To combat these commercial disadvantages, organized farm owners and large-scale poultry in-dustries are using scientifically formulated protease enzymes to improve protein digestion, bird performance, and profitability.

As the market is brimming with so many protease variants from various brands, here we present a quick snapshot of Glamac’s revolutionary Glavenza XP 240. It is a unique thermo stable broad-spectrum protease derived from soil-born, non-GMO, and GRAS organism Bacillus licheniformis that works effectively throughout the GI tract (acid, neutral & alkaline pH) to boost protein hydrolysis.

Getting the best exogenous Protease like Glavenza XP 240 is not only recommended for the im-proved growth of poultry but also profitability. Feeding broilers a recommended dose of best-in-class protease boosts their digestibility that in turn leads to improved production efficiency, bet-ter litter quality, and a healthy growth rate directly resulting in greater ROI.

Benefits of protease:

Wondering how feeding protease can help improve poultry health? Presenting some compelling reasons below

• Boosts the effective breakdown of complex protein compounds thus aiding in smooth di-gestion
• Minimizes anti-nutritional factors like trypsin inhibitors, glycinin, and allergenic proteins
• Improves gut health by limiting the fermentation of undigested protein chunks in the GI tract This has been verified by the increased villus to crypt ratio and decreased intestinal pathogen counts in poultry.
• Reduces the cost of normal protein diet without compromising the broiler performance
• Improves amino acid digestibility and nutrients absorption
• Reduces nutrients waste through droppings thus reducing the negative impact on the environment

A quick sneak peek of Glavenza XP 240 by Glamac- the best poultry nutrition brand

Glavenza XP 240 is a premium protein optimizer in terms of HUT (Haemoglobin Unit Tyrosine Base) and as per FCC (Food Chemical Codex) guidelines of USFDA. This best-in-class protease is formulated at FAMIQs-approved facilities and has been tested through multiple stages of re-search trials.

Here are some key features/USP of the product:

• Best-in-class thermostable protease that effectively acts throughout the GI tract and boosts protein hydrolysis
• Breaks complex protein molecules into smaller peptides & amino acids for easy absorption
• Enriched with hydrolyzed protein
• A feasible replacement for both vegetable and animal proteins
• Improves productivity & ensures least cost feed formulation
• Expands the use of alternative protein sources
• Optimizes the economics of meat & egg production, boosts profitability
• Formulated at FAMIQs approved facility

Bottom line:
Using Glamac’s premium protein optimizer Glavenza XP 240 can give your poultry business a game-changing roadmap. This best-in-class protease has been formulated in specialized labs un-der strict supervision and launched after multiple research trials only to enhance the digestibility of the essential protein compounds of the broilers thus aiding in their healthy growth, and pro-duction efficiency and fetching you increased ROI.